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Patient-management software maker Smart Flow has introduced a surgical consent form that mimics a paper one. Clients can fill it out and sign directly on an iPad, instantly creating a digital, signed consent form that you don’t have to print out then scan into your patient’s file.


A digital surgical whiteboard allows you to have a fast overview of what patients are in your clinic, where they are, and what they’re there for. The whiteboard is usually placed in an area where everyone can see it, but can also be pulled up on any computer or iPad.

This versatility means that your reception can also pull up the whiteboard and check on the status of patients, rather than having to page to the back to ask. Having this interconnection between front and back helps improve communication, as well as efficiency.


The electronic anesthetic sheet has multiple great features: not only can you save templates with medication protocols, but entering information takes less than 10 seconds.


What makes the electronic anaesthetic sheet even better, according to Smart Flow, is that it offers monitor integration with select monitors, from vendors like Bionet, Cardell, Digicare, DRE, Surgivet, and Vetland. Smart Flow can pull the information from your anaesthetic monitors and auto-populate the fields for you.


As a bonus, you can track efficiency in your hospital with Smart Flow’s business analytics module. Now you can compare between doctors how fast the intake process is, or how long surgeries are taking, or compare the triage time in Q1 to Q2.

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