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Breakthrough for itchy dogs

Australian vets are being urged to find out more about an all new approach to providing relief for their canine patients with acute
and chronic itch. Zoetis, a global animal health company, is launching a nationwide campaign to inform vets about a novel treatment strategy for canine pruritus. As part of the campaign, from 7 April to 30 June 2015, Zoetis plans to run several ‘Lunch and Learn’ in-clinic sessions to educate interested veterinary staff about the latest research behind allergic skin disease in canines, and provide information about the launch of Apoquel (oclacitinib) in Australia. The new treatment strategy, which targets the Janus kinase (or JAK) pathway,1,2 rapidly stops the continuous itch cycle without the side effects seen with current therapies. Apoquel has already received an enthusiastic response from dog owners and vets in overseas markets including the USA and New Zealand.
Vets interested in finding out more and requesting a ‘Lunch and Learn’ in-clinic session can either visit the website:, or contact Zoetis sales representative Sharon Hill on 1800 880 941.


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  1. We’ve been waiting and waiting for it to be made available here in Australia and still waiting. I have 2 Westies with Atopic Dermatitis and it would be awesome to trial it on them as it doesn’t come with the nasty side affects other drugs seem to bring along for the ride. What is the hold up?

  2. I have also been waiting for this new medication to become available for my poor itchy Frenchie. My vet told me it won’t be here till early next year now!

  3. My dog also suffers allergies including contact allergy to grass. I was told my the dermatologist 12 months ago that this drug will be available in Australia in September 2015. here’s hoping.

  4. My dog has pancreatitis as a result of too many steroids used to treat his chronic skin scratching. Atopica doesn’t work for him … Desperate to try this new drug-if I could get my hands on some.

  5. I live in the U.S. And there is a terrible shortage here. I was able to get the last 12 pills that my vet had about 6 weeks ago and don’t know when he will get now my poor dog is on prednisone again

  6. The continued delay in the release of this drug infuriates me. Why advertise it’s release and get owners hopes up when they know they can’t deliver? They did the same in the US, finally delivered 12-18 months after the advertised release date. To be frank by the time it’s finally available my dog will be dead, he’s on so many meds, this was meant to be able to help us cut back the stress on his body. This new drug gave us false hope, unbelievable cruelty by this drug company.

    • I agree Kath, we have been waiting for this Apoquel for so long now it doesn’t seem that Australia will ever get it. Our beautiful english bullterrier has had skin issues for most of her life, we have been to many vets, dermatologists and done everything we can for her but still the dreaded itches, she wears a cone 24/7. We reluctantly tried Atopica earlier this year, we knew the side effects but just wanted to see if it would finally give her some relief, big mistake after only 5 days on it we nearly lost her, she started vomiting blood and wouldn’t eat or drink, she was on a drip for three days, she lost 5 kilos and it has taken 2 months for her to get back to her normal self. Now we’re still waiting for the Apoquel but feel like we’re running out of time ?

    • “Unbelievable cruelty”…..
      Zoetis went out of their way to be specifically cruel to your dog?!
      It’s a complicated manufacturing process, involving several round the world steps and someone mis-anticipated the demand once launched.
      Let’s try and keep some perspective – we have managed atopic dogs for thirty years before this potentially amazing drug came on the scene. We will continue to do so until it finally arrives. At which time we will be thankful to a highly dedicated team for bringing it into being.

  7. Wow. Impressive people skills displayed above. Of course “Perspective” may be an independent commenter, but “nil” is obviously a Zoetis shil.
    There is nothing quite like the hubris of a pharmacist who has a unique and in-demand drug!
    “Unbelievable cruelty” may be a bit dramatic. But you live with a dog with crippling dermatitis (and yes, dermatitis can absolutely be crippling) for many years and then get told about a miracle drug complete with fixed promotional dates and you then learn about delay after delay after supply failure and you may well get angry, exasperated and dramatic.
    Drug companies need to be more circumspect when they are hyping their latest snake-oil and also learn to be more apologetic when their glowing promises fail.

  8. Fantastic! have just commenced our beagle on Apoquel, instant results. Have waited for a long time and finally our vet has been able to provide. A much happier dog now and happier owners able to sleep at night!!!

    • yes, we have just but Mia on it. Reduced itching, yes it works. I’m now really concerned about all the articles regarding reduced immune system which then causes other illnesses Have you read all the recent information?

    • Hi Roz Graf. Our beagle has begun taking Apoquel. Normally, she is not fussy with food or treatments, but we are having great trouble giving her the tablet. We have been crushing it with yoghurt but the taste of the Apoquel makes her shake her head after one taste. Similar with ice-cream or peanut butter. Any suggestions for us, please? Regards, Brian Q.

  9. Started my Frenchie on Apoquel 2 weeks ago. Very disappointed as so far no change to his scratching and licking. Hoping it will start working soon. Maybe takes longer with some dogs

    • Hi,
      Just wondering if the Apoquel has started working yet ? Considering trying my Vizsla on it.

  10. I found that if I gave Leroy 2 5.4 ml. Tablets a day it was really starting to work well.Did this for 2 weeks instead of 1 but now he,s back on 1 tablet a day I’ve noticed that he is starting to itch more every day.Will take him back to vet as I don’t know how long I can afford 2 tablets a day at $3.20 per tablet. Very disappointed for my poor dog.

  11. I have had my Australian miniature foxy on Apoquel for 9 days now & I find it incredible. She stopped itching within a few hours & hasn’t looked back. The only problem is I’m hopeless at giving it to her & it’s only half a tablet & I know she won’t have it in her food. Thinking about putting it in a little water & syringing into her mouth….I can only try

    • Hi Shirley, We had similar problems with our beagle. Vet suggested putting a bit of ice magic on it. That worked but not for too long. Currently we hide the tablet in a very small piece of sausage so that she doesn’t taste the tablet itself. Apoquel works well. Very happy with it. Brian Q.

  12. well its available now I got it 4 days ago at my vet in Caboolture QLD for my dog Bow, it cost me $106 for 28 tablets… damn expensive for a pensioner 🙁 have to give him 2 tablets a day.. that’s only 2 weeks worth I don’t know how im going to be able to afford anymore for him 🙁


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