New policy on recall notification for agvet chemicals

Copyright: coffeemate / 123RF Stock Photo

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) is strengthening its stance on recall notification with a shift in policy that will see the national regulator publish information about voluntary and compulsory recalls of agricultural and veterinary chemical products on its website.

APVMA chief executive officer Dr Chris Parker said that the national regulator is very aware of its responsibilities to protect the confidential and commercial information of registrants, and this would be balanced with the responsibility to safeguard people, animals, the environment and agricultural industries from harm.

“There’s no legislative trigger for APVMA to publish information about a voluntary recall,” Dr Parker said.

“We wouldn’t ordinarily provide information that isn’t already in the public domain, however we are changing the current approach. From today, APVMA will publish information about compulsory and voluntary recalls on the website”

Dr Parker added that product registrants and manufacturers are responsible for product stewardship and the best outcome is that recalls are undertaken voluntarily and appropriately communicated through the supply chain.

“I’m asking industry to work with us to further increase the transparency around the notification of recalls across the board,” he said.

The matter of herbicide products found to contain low-level contaminants is subject to ongoing formal investigation by APVMA. At the present time, comment is limited to information provided in the previous statement available from the website.


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