New partnership enables better patient data connectivity

patient data connectivity

VetDB is now able to connect with ezyVet customers to empower veterinary practices by connecting verifiable patient data to the clinical services and systems they use daily.

Thanks to a new partnership between a new revolutionary platform VetDB, that matches veterinary patients with their correct medical data, and innovative, cloud-based practice management software provider, ezyVet, veterinary practices now solve an industry-wide problem of patient-data disconnect.   

“Sixty-five per cent of owners will lose the vaccination certificates and vets don’t have immediate access to this history, for example, from the breeder, previous vet or a shelter,” VetDB chief operations officer Ross Wyness said. 

“This may result in time delays or repeat costs because information is not readily available. So, we decided to lock that information to the pet’s microchip, forever.” 

The integration between the two companies allows ezyVet customers to directly connect with VetDB to verify the patient details and match the vaccination records, as well as access a range of applications and tools.

“Speeding up the workflow for our practices and continuing to find ways to improve the patient experience is a big focus for us,” ezyVet partner manager David Chen said.

“VetDB are a revolutionary platform entering the market that will help us achieve this.

“We chose to partner with VetDB to empower our customers to utilise better patient data connectivity and we’re excited about what this will mean for our Australian customers.”


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