New bovine TB detection kit launched

A new and highly reliable diagnostic solution for bovine tuberculosis, a major infectious disease among cattle, other farm animals and certain wildlife populations, is now on the market.

“The VetMAX M. tuberculosis Complex PCR Kit is a reliable and fast tool to confirm the presence of mycobacteria belonging to the tuberculosis complex,” said Martin Guillet, global head and general manager of AgriBusiness at Thermo Fisher Scientific, the company that has developed what is the only commercially available PCR test that detects all seven strains of the M. tuberculosis complex in a single solution.

Results using this PCR approach can be returned much faster when compared to bacterial culture testing methods. While the results of a M. bovis culture can take up to six weeks, results using PCR—from sample preparation to testing—take just three hours. The information is then delivered to the farmer or veterinarian in two to three days.

By delivering accurate results faster, the VetMAX M. tuberculosis Complex PCR Kit can help reduce costs for farmers and government-funded bovine tuberculosis programs. The new kit enables sanitary decisions to be made sooner, increases the speed of a test and cull program and helps minimise the duration of farm closures.

“If we are to decrease bovine tuberculosis prevalence, the field needs diagnostic tools that are easy to handle and provide sensitive, reliable and fast results to help ensure the efficacy of surveillance and control programs,” said Guillet.

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