MyRad D-EVO II—built for the equine vet

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Takes X-ray images in under a minute

The MyRad D-EVO II is the first wireless DR equine system to offer the patented ISS (Irradiated Side Sampling) Technology. This technology improves image quality by focusing its image capture electronics at the top of the detector, opposite conventional designs, improving signal strength and dose efficiency. Optimisation of the scintillation layer of the panel is achieved by Fujifilm’s own precision coating technology. The improved technology suppresses scattering and attenuation of X-ray photons, creating extremely sharp images with very low doses of X-rays. Combined with Fujifilm’s noise reduction circuitry, digital image processing technologies including Dynamic Visualisation, improved detector sensitivity in high absorption regions, the system provides fast, superior and consistent image quality.

Fujifilm Devo II Panel advantages

The FDR D-EVO II 24x30cm Csl panel conforms to IPX6 standards for water resistance. The innovative SRM frame structure is reinforced with internal magnesium-alloy ribs which increases durability. This allows a 310 kg load capacity on all surfaces and improves the flex resistance of the detector.

The detector itself can store up to 100 images in the internal memory. This eliminates the work of carrying around multiple CR cassettes found in conventional systems. Furthermore, it allows you to perform rapid imaging (for example during an emergency) without having to load the computer. The Fujifilm noise reduction circuit improves the detector sensitivity reducing noise in the image. It achieves 1.7 times the DQE of existing systems. In particular, granularity of low-concentration regions of the stifle and spine are dramatically improved. The panel is also equipped with an indirect conversion system flat detector display. It uses ISS, which bonds optical sensors (TFT) to the X-ray irradiation side unlike traditional flat detector displays. The SmartSwitch AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) on the Fujifilm D-EVO II panels no longer requires a connection with the x-ray generator.

Warranty and Support Services

The MyRad D-EVO II System is available through CenQuip. The equipment comes with a 12-month warranty and support services.

For more information please contact CenQuip on 9679 5733.

Visit Cenversa.

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