MultiRadiance ACTIVet Pro Laser – A success story!

MultiRadiance ACTIVet Pro Laser
Barry the Dalmatian receiving rehab at the Noah’s Crossing clinic. Below left: The ACTIVet Pro laser.

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The appeal of REM SYSTEMS’ MultiRadiance ACTIVet Pro Laser could be seen on the condition of Barry the Dalmatian, a resident at Noah’s Crossing Vet Clinic. Five months previously, Barry had suffered an injury that rendered him paraplegic. One side effect of his condition was incontinence and bowel control issues.

“We were doing things like massage and physical therapy, but Barry’s general condition was quite poor and he was a bit stressed too,” explains head nurse and practice manager Joanna Chaplin.

REM SYSTEMS representatives demonstrated the Unwinding technique, which is a five-minute technique involving the MultiRadiance ACTIVet Pro Laser. Unwinding can help relax animals that are feeling unhappy or anxious through helping the body release its natural endorphins.

“We did find that it worked really well in helping him relax more,” Joanna said. At the end of the five-minute session, Barry was much more relaxed and a little playful. He became interested in a blanket hanging up so one of the nurses got it down and put it in front of him. He dropped his front legs down so he could rub his face in the blanket and began playing with it.

Joanna said that this was the first time since Barry’s accident he’d showed any signs of playfulness.

The MultiRadiance ACTIVet Pro Laser can also improve post-surgery recovery through pain management, reducing swelling and inflammation. It can also improve range of movement, help with osteoarthritis treatment, hotspots, lick granulomas, lumbosacral disease, muscle spasms, functional strength, oedema, otitis, anal sacculitis, and tissue repair.

As Joanna explains, “On Barry’s surgical site, months down the track, he still didn’t have hair growing. But, once we started using the laser we got hair regrowth. He also seemed to be fuller in his muscles and did start to show promise in that he had a better kick sensation. His perception of touch had come back as well.”

Jo and her team gave Barry daily treatment and he responded very well. His demeanour improved almost immediately and more importantly after several weeks, Barry was able to hold his bladder and would signal that he needed to use his bowel. Noticeably, muscle tone that had been loss started to come back.

The range of positive results come from an increase in circulation prompted by the laser, Joanna explains. “My understanding is it’s helping nerves at that cellular level. I think it helped with that firing and that cellular feed to the muscles. When you’re stationary, you’re not getting oxygen and blood supply to the muscles, so I think it helps with that as well.”

Joanna and her rehab team also had excellent successes with animals they used laser on from osteoarthritis cases, cruciate ligament surgery recovery, general pain and other cases. Dr Chris, the owner, saw the excellent successes in improving patient outcomes in rehab, post-surgery and osteoarthritis cases his team had been obtaining with the same ACTIVet Pro Laser. As a result, he decided to invest in an ACTIVet Pro for the clinic plus two My Pet Lasers which can be rented to clients to do home based treatment that is prescribed by the vets.

“In our rehab centre, we see a lot of cases where dogs can’t rely solely on medications for pain management during therapy,” says Joanna. “The gold standard is always to do surgery, but there are always cases where that can’t happen, and we’ve got to manage those dogs. A combination of hydrotherapy, weight management and the laser is working very well for us. ” 

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