Mindray MEC-1200 Vet

Mindray MEC 1200Vet.
The Mindray MEC 1200Vet.

by Dr Michel Doney, The Margaret River Vet Hospital, WA

This Mindray MEC-1200 Vet ECG machine came with the practice when we purchased it in 2008. It assists in monitoring the patient whether awake or under anaesthesia. The unit is very accurate and gives the vet plenty of information to be fully aware of the patient’s condition.

What’s good about it

There is a three-lead ECG trace and pulse oximetry to measure blood oxygen levels. We can also measure non-invasive blood pressure, the respiratory rate and the temperature of the patient.

It’s a very accurate monitoring system that proceeds second by second. I love hearing the beeps when working on an animal under anaesthesia; the beeps soothe you and let you know everything is fine. While no ECG unit can take the place of good manual monitoring, it’s a great little addition to our anaesthesia.

We would use this machine at least 10 times a day. It’s used on every surgery case, all of our heart patients, most of our sedations and on quite a few of our hospital patients as well. It’s reliable, accurate and a valuable addition to our clinic.

What’s not so good

We have had no problems with the Mindray since 2008. In all that time I’ve only had to replace the ECG leads once and the pulse oximetry lead twice. The only thing I feel that is missing from the unit is capnography. When I eventually upgrade to a new machine, it will definitely include a capnograph monitor.

Where did you get it

Available from BCF Ultrasound. (Please note: This product line is being superseded in Australia. Contact the distributor to find out more)



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