Michelle Bridges named the ultimate good egg

cage-free eggs

Australian health and lifestyle personality Michelle Bridges is leading an army of caring Australians pledging to choose cage-free eggs when eating out, to help free the 10 million Australian hens still living in barren battery cages.

The personal trainer and wellness warrior has joined with the RSPCA to call on Australians to extend their commitment to better farming practices from their pantry to their favourite café or restaurant.

“Like so many Australians, I’ve already made the conscious decision to choose cage-free eggs when I’m shopping for groceries—but despite this shift, battery cages are still responsible for most of Australia’s egg production,” Bridges said.

“That’s because, the food service industry is where the majority of cage eggs end up.

“These eggs are on our café plates at breakfast or served as ingredients when we’re at a restaurant for dinner, and we don’t even realise it.”

Bridges and the RSPCA are asking consumers to show their commitment to cage-free eggs by Taking The Pledge and posting to social media to help spread the message.

By Taking the Pledge, consumers are helping encourage more businesses to use higher welfare eggs, supporting Aussie farmers who are leading their industry in putting hen welfare first and leaving cruel battery cage farming behind.

Currently, over 10 million layer-hens are still suffering in barren battery cages across Australia, crammed in with several other hens and with less space each than the size of an A4 piece of paper.

“Hens are social, curious and intelligent animals, and they need to be able to stretch their wings, scratch, peck and dustbathe, perch and lay their eggs in a nest,” RSPCA humane food manager Hope Bertram said.

“Denying them these basic behaviours for their entire lives causes immense suffering and chronic frustration, which shows as aggression, boredom and stress.”

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