Meet the 2017 ‘Next Generation’ vet award winner 


Dr Luba Gancheva, a Bulgarian veterinarian who now lives and works in Romania, has been named by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and Hill’s Pet Nutrition as the winner of the 2017 ‘Next Generation’ Veterinary Award.

The award acknowledges the work of a veterinarian who has graduated within the past 10 years and contributed significantly to the betterment of companion animals, the veterinary profession and society at large.

“Millennial vets carry the future of the profession with them,” said‎ Dr Jolle Kirpensteijn, chief PR officer at Hill’s Pet Nutrition.  “Luba has demonstrated a strong commitment to improving the experiences and education of early-career veterinarians. She has also taken positive steps to connect these next-generation professionals with ones who are already established in the field.”

Dr Gancheva graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2010, and began working in a small animal practice in the city. After receiving a Master of Science in Infectious Diseases from Triaka University in Bulgaria, Dr Gancheva went on to launch in 2015 an online veterinary journal called Vets on the Balkans with the goal of helping regional veterinarians work more collaboratively and share their experience and knowledge.

The following year, she launched an initiative called ‘Learn and Travel with Vets in The Balkans’, a program that enables veterinarians to increase their knowledge and experience by working in clinics in nearby countries.

“Tackling the inequality of education and resources available to veterinarians depending on where in the world they are working is one of the key challenges facing the profession,” chair of the WSAVA’s Leadership and Nomination Committee Dr Käthi Brunner said.

“Dr Gancheva has taken some very practical steps to support the development of the profession in the Balkans, both through launching the journal and through the new ‘Learn and Travel’ scheme. We congratulate her and hope that both of these initiatives continue to prove successful.  She is a great example of a ‘Next Generation’ veterinarian who is showing a very personal commitment to raising standards of veterinary care.”

Dr Gancheva will be presented with her award at the WSAVA World Congress 2017 on 25-28 September in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the Award,” Dr Gancheva said. “It is the biggest honour of my life and I am excited to be part of WSAVA World Congress this year … When you cure an animal, you change the world for someone, so veterinarians change the world. Thank you WSAVA!”

Candidates for the 2018 Next Generation Award can come from any country and nominate themselves by sending an email to by 1 January, 2018. Further information can on the WSAVA website.


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