Massey University’s Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) programme provides continuing education for practising veterinarians.

 MVM program
Alexandr Mastakov chose the MVM program to enhance his knowledge of avian medicine.

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Delivered by distance, the MVM programme brings the world’s veterinary expertise to your door. The classroom comes to you through interactive technology and study guides. Led by lecturers with international recognition from around the world, our courses have a reputation for their in-depth, comprehensive review of subjects and use of real-life case studies.

Alexandr Mastakov shares his experience at Massey.

Why did you choose the MVM?

I chose the MVM to help further my development as a veterinarian and to improve my prospects as a candidate for a residency position. During my search I was looking for a reputable university that was going to be able to provide me with high-quality distance education.  Additionally, the course in avian medicine was of particular interest to me due to my passion for avian medicine and surgery. Fortunately, the Master of Veterinary Medicine degree offered by Massey University met all my requirements.

How long after graduation did you do the MVM (and why so soon after graduation)?

I started the course one year after graduating from my bachelor’s of veterinary science degree. I found myself quickly adapting to my new graduate duties and after a short while had a desire to further hone my skills and improve my knowledge. The decision to undertake the MVM soon after graduating allowed for an easier transition into postgraduate study. The time management, study and exam skills that I had developed during my bachelor’s degree were still familiar and were able to be utilised for my MVM study.

What have you got out of the MVM?

I have been amazed at the knowledge of the lecturers and the high quality of teaching provided within the MVM. I have been able to improve my knowledge and veterinary skills in emergency medicine, soft tissue surgery, orthopaedic surgery, diagnostic imaging and avian medicine. Additionally, my skills in scientific writing and research have been sharpened and I feel confident that my writing is of a suitable calibre to publish in reputable journals.

How has the MVM affected your future career?

The MVM has been instrumental in my veterinary career. It has helped me in being selected for an avian and exotic animal residency at the University of Queensland. The skills I learned in the MVM have been valuable to me in my new position and continue to be used today.

The MVM offers online courses in companion animals, production animals and business. Find out more about Massey University’s Master of Veterinary Medicine online at

Courses offered in February 2020


  • Avian Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Oncology


  • Mastitis Management


  • Principles of Veterinary Epidemiology 

Courses offered in July 2020


  • Cardiorespiratory Medicine
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Gastroenterology


  • Calf Medicine


  • Applied  Veterinary Epidemiology


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