Massey University’s Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) programme provides continuing education for practicing veterinarians

master of veterinary medicine massey university
Raewyn Taylor (left) found the MVM from Massey University opened up career paths she never before thought possible.

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Delivered by distance, the MVM programme brings the world’s veterinary expertise to your door. The classroom comes to you through interactive technology and study guides. Led by lecturers with international recognition from around the world, our courses have a reputation for their in-depth, comprehensive review of subjects and use of real-life case studies.

Raewyn Taylor shares her experience at Massey.

Why did you choose the MVM?

I previously completed a one year advanced certificate in Radiology and several short courses in order to complete the requirements for continuing education points but I was looking for something with a little more depth. The MVM advertised quality courses and with lecturers such as Professor Thrall (who literally wrote the Diagnostic Radiology textbook used worldwide), how could you go wrong!

I wasn’t a top end student through my BVSc and hadn’t studied seriously in many years, so initially I wasn’t sure if I would complete an MVM but I thought at least I would dip my toe in with a single post graduate course and see what I could achieve. As a part-time veterinarian and mother of two, I was looking for a challenge to take me beyond the day to day of general practice and sought an opportunity to learn and grow as a veterinarian and a person. It was a juggling act being a part-time Vet, Mum and part-time student but found working steadily and taking one step at a time, the MVM can successfully be completed part time in 2.5-3 years.

How long after graduation did you start the MVM?

I graduated from the BVSc in 2007 and completed the MVM in 2019.

What have you got out of the MVM?

Far more than I expected. In hindsight, I was looking for an opportunity to prove to myself what I am capable of and in achieving the MVM with Merit, have found a renewed confidence and sense of pride in my veterinary knowledge and skills. I find I am using new skills on a daily basis and am able to pass on my knowledge to support colleagues with their cases.

How has the MVM affected your future career?

The MVM has highlighted research, particularly into screening for disease, as being one of my strengths which provides completely new potential pathways in my career I never knew were possible. Whilst I am not rushing into further study, with the MVM completed, the MANZVS examinations or PhD are now feasible options. My new goal in the long-term, is to participate in a research project aimed at decreasing the prevalence of a disease.

Lastly, to those part-time veterinarians, juggling parenting and work, nervous to commit to the MVM, my advice is to try one paper. The MVM team is highly supportive, friendly and professional and are eager to help you succeed at every stage.

The MVM offers online courses in companion animals, production animals and business. Find out more about Massey University’s Master of Veterinary Medicine at or at


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