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Southpaws Specialty & Referral Hospital, Victoria we re-imagined their website this year to better reflect the pawsome-ness that the Southpaws deliver every day.

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Marketing can be misunderstood, at its simplest it’s about client communication.  How you connect with your clients to provide meaningful and long-lasting relationships in person or digitally. 

So how are clients changing in this digital age?

One of the myths about the health services industry is that only younger people use digital services, and therefore digitised tools are not relevant to older clients. McKinsey’s study revealed all age groups are more than willing to use digital technology for health-related services*. They found clients use internet reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, in-store interactions and recollections of past experiences in their decision making. According to Google’s 2019 research report “near me” search grew by 250% in the last two years across industries. Indicating clients are actively seeking services near workplaces and homes and rely on reviews to help them make a choice. 

How does your practice respond to clients’ expectations today?

Make sure your websites and email communications are mobile optimised and up to date. Are your online reviews in the best possible place for a client to choose your practice?  Update the social platform you use regularly and keep the posts engaging, natural and not technical. Be sure to post at least three times a week and try to avoid stock images and memes.

5 Quick Digital ‘Wins’ That Your Practice Should Have in Place:

1. Online Booking System

2. Dedicated Social Media Page with Relevant Content

3. Up to Date, Easy to Navigate and Mobile Optimised Website

4. Respond to Google and Facebook Reviews Promptly

5. Digital Communication to Clients e.g. Email Newsletters

How does VetPartners help our practices?

We have a team of marketing professionals at hand to support our hospitals and clinics to help them deliver client communications whether digital (e.g. websites/social etc.) or traditional (e.g. flyers/posters etc.).  We have an in-house design team which significantly cuts the cost of having to use agencies therefore providing a better return on investment.  

At VetPartners, we constantly think ahead and encourage our clinics to do the same. We understand that our vets want to focus on being a vet and practicing their best medicine. Often vets don’t have enough time in their busy schedules to plan how they market their practice. This is where VetPartners marketing works to help those needs. With our plethora of knowledge, we have developed a database of tools and content that can be used upon request.

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