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Above: an example of a January marketing campaign.

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Effectively marketing your practice’s services online will help you gain and retain clients. You can market your practice by developing a strategy and tracking client experience digitally. 

The opportunities – strategic marketing planning and client experience tracking

You may be so busy providing quality clinical care that marketing and getting customer insights are not top of mind. However, if you develop a marketing plan to promote your services and clinical staff, there are many potential benefits. One is  aligning your marketing to peak demand periods. For example, suppose you have a new service or treatment that would be most relevant to when small animals are treated in January of each year. In that case, you could plan a marketing campaign six-to-eight weeks beforehand to create awareness of the new service. 

Measuring client satisfaction can also help you market your practice effectively. You can collect customer insights by maintaining an updated Google listing and Facebook account to get to know your clients and their experiences at your practice. According to Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation on work engagement in the hospitality industry: Test of motivation crowding theory1, extrinsic feedback is a good motivator for better performance from team members because they hear directly what the customers say about the service they offer. Therefore, keeping track of positive online client reviews could be an excellent motivator for your team.  Their increased engagement can also be positive for your practice by increasing its reputation. 

According to VetPartners market research, good vet-client relationships are forged when veterinary teams display genuine care toward pets they are treating. If this relationship is strong, it leads to strong customer loyalty—72% of clients who visited VetPartners clinics have never changed in the past. An unclear explanation of diagnoses and poor communication can make clients change vet practices. So keeping track of how clients feel can help drive team motivation. 

How VetPartners helps our practices plan their marketing and access client insights

Most vet clinics do not have time, resources or personnel to dedicate to creating a strong marketing strategy and tracking customer experience to improve the client experience. 

At VetPartners, we have a marketing team that co-create, and implement marketing plans with our clinics and hospitals. Our marketing professionals also provide valuable support and guidance to practices about the customer experience by using a range of digital platforms. We have an in-house design team which provide creative for all clinics. 

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1. Eka Diraksa Putra; Seonghee Cho, 2017, ‘Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation on work engagement in the hospitality industry: Test of motivation crowding theory’, Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research


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