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We’ve made it to December, but it has been a long year for all of us. So much has changed since those days in early March, when we were all faced with the daunting reality of COVID and the uncertainty of how it would impact our veterinary profession. We had to quickly decide how we would keep our teams and clients safe, and this pandemic has made us re-examine the way we work in clinical practice.

Safety: Our top priority

Within our Greencross network we immediately implemented protocols to protect and support our teams, whilst at the same time making sure we could service our clients and their pets. Then came the rapid increase in the use of vet services, with the influx of new puppies and kittens, more pets being adopted and watchful clients spending more time at home with their pets. 

Innovation: Out of Crisis

It was a challenging time for all of us, yet through hardship comes innovation and this resulted in an exciting solution called WebVet. WebVet connects pet owners with veterinarians to receive vet advice via video call 24/7. WebVet was borne from necessity; to support our frontline teams by reducing their workload of phone calls and “worried well clients”. Designed to relieve pressure off clinics, the platform also helped to alleviate the challenges of an increased workload while abiding by social distancing guidelines and creating a safe space for team members and clients.

Support: After hours 24/7 care

As we’ve adjusted to the ‘new normal’, WebVet has also evolved to become a valuable service to clients and a great asset for our clinical teams. Clients enjoy peace of mind with the convenience of talking with a veterinarian anywhere, anytime, and our WebVet team provide valuable advice and support for our busy teams. After-hours, WebVet is a trusted alternative to the rabbit-hole of Dr Google. Pet owners can video call with a qualified veterinarian to receive professional advice and reassurance in the middle of the night. Emergencies are immediately triaged to the closest emergency after-hours facility, with patient notes provided to the hospital and the pet’s regular vet ensuring seamless continuity of care and improved patient outcomes. 

A COVID solution, now here to stay

WebVet is not designed to be a substitute for in-clinic care. Instead it offers additional support and an important service to educate and reassure pet owners and an extension that supports our in-clinic teams. Pet owners love the WebVet experience. They appreciate the value in having an in-depth conversation with a vet from the comfort of their home. 

A new career path for working mums

WebVet also provides an accommodating career pathway for veterinarians who value work life balance and flexible working arrangements. Many of our current WebVets were promoted from within our own teams. We’re excited to provide another career option for working parents and these flexible roles compliment our paid parental leave and return to work programs.

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