Managing worms in dogs made easy with Popantel® F Dog Allwormer

puppypack2016It’s Spring! This means a busy time in the clinic with loads of queries and questions about managing fleas and ticks … but what about worms? This is the perfect time of year to discuss all aspects of parasite management, not just the ones we can see.

This discussion is easy with Popantel® F Dog Allwormer. Containing the proven and trusted combination of Febantel, Pyrantel and Praziquantel, Popantel F gives you the confidence that comes with providing your clients with the best protection for their pets.

This is not just any dog allwormer; by choosing Popantel F as your clinic’s preferred allwormer, you receive in-clinic support materials to not only initiate the worming discussion, but also aid in compliance.

Clinics receive free puppy packs when ordering either the 10kg or 35kg bulk Popantel F packs. Each puppy pack includes a quality treat/training pouch, a 10kg Popantel F tablet, a high quality dog lead and an educational brochure.

Staff have access to comprehensive endoparasite staff training and support from your local Jurox Territory Manager.

Practice Manager, Nicole Hutchinson from VetLove in Kuraby, Brisbane, explains why her clinic decided to change to Popantel F a year ago.

“We receive fantastic support from our Jurox Territory Manager and Popantel F enables us to provide our clients with a quality and comprehensive worm treatment at a more affordable price.”

What in particular do the staff at your clinic like about Popantel F?

“They love the sizing of the tablets; with a 10 kg and 35 kg tablet, it makes for easy dispensing. They also like that each tablet is individually sealed, so our clients can feel confident that the tablets will stay fresh for long periods. Oh and the envelopes that come with Popantel F are really great.”

What does Popantel F offer that other allwormers don’t?

“The support, staff training and of course, the Puppy Packs. They’re great quality and it means we can offer our clients something extra.”

Would you recommend other clinics try Popantel F?

“Absolutely, without hesitation.”

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