Free or discounted access to virtual congress

virtual congress
British veterinarian Dr Anthony Chadwick

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and The Webinar Vet have joined forces to offer free access to Virtual Congress 2020 to WSAVA members from countries in which companion animal practice is still developing. Discounted registration will also be offered to all other WSAVA members.

The Webinar Vet’s Virtual Congress —the world’s largest online veterinary congress—will take place on 1 February, and will include webinars from global experts on a comprehensive range of topics including companion animal medicine and surgery, dermatology, emergency medicine and veterinary wellness.

Set up by British veterinarian Dr Anthony Chadwick to make continuous education (CE) easier, more accessible and affordable, The Webinar Vet is the largest online veterinary community in Europe and is rapidly extending into the North and South America, Asia and Africa.

“The Webinar Vet aims to help veterinary healthcare team members to become more confident in their practice and to fit their learning into a busy life in the profession without having to take time out of work or to travel,” Dr Chadwick said.

“Thanks to all the tickets sold to developed countries over the last five years, our 1-4-1 initiative, under which we donate a ticket to one veterinarian in a developing country for every ticket we sell, has already provided free access to Virtual Congress to more than 5000 veterinarians from developing countries as part of our mission of making CE accessible to all. 

“We hope that by partnering with the WSAVA we can increase this 10-fold and we are delighted to offer all of its members from developing countries free access to the vast array of learning on offer at the event.”


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