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Established over 30 years ago ATX has spent the last 10 years focused on steady domestic growth. Headquartered in Perth with a new office recently established in Sydney, ATX identifies this as a key move in its commitment to providing ongoing support and reach to its customers.

What does ATX offer? Primarily we provide quality radiography equipment and supplies ranging from digital radiography (DR) solutions including dental to other modalities such as ultrasound. Additionally, other equipment including incubators and chemical analysers also form part of our product offering. We locally manufacture some of our equipment including the Equus CT table designed for large animals and carefully source from international suppliers throughout Europe, the USA, UK and Asia.  

What can customers expect from ATX? We understand that we are not always able to provide customers with everything they want in terms of customised solutions however, we are confident when our team makes recommendations for capital equipment purchases that we can offer quality and affordability in one package and tailor these solutions to varied budgets and payment needs evaluated on a case by case situation.

What about after-sales support? First-year post-sale customer service includes unlimited remote and phone support with a targeted 4-hour response time, warranty on all components as per sales agreement with travel and labour for repairs included. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of customer service with a prompt response to address customer needs and ultimately their expectations. All of this is an effort to minimise interruptions to their daily operations. We treat our customers with respect and aim to offer helpful ways to solve their issues. We also provide third-party support as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, being one of the only in Australia to supply Del Medical and CPI.

What is important to ATX? That our customers STAY HAPPY. Of course, we cannot always satisfy everyone but we aim to do what we can to meet our customer needs in as fast a turnaround time as possible. In addition to this, looking for ways to better serve these customers helps to improve our capabilities and focus.  

What is in the future for ATX? We are exploring ways that we can better utilise resources available to us domestically.  The recent pandemic and the impact this has had on supply-chain has highlighted the need to look for opportunities locally in terms of product development and innovation which excites us about what the future holds.

ATX Veterinary Solutions

E: marketing@atx.com.au

P: 1800 330 118 W: www.atxvet.com.au

ATX is pleased to announce that we have an EZYVET integration coming soon for current and new customers to find out more email us at marketing@atx.com.au. Get a FREE Trial of the ATX DR System at


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