iM3 Dental Education


Gold-Mine-DVDiM3 have produced a educational DVD titled “Identifying the Gold Mine in your Practice”. This communicates the need for dental care to staff and clients which will improve pet oral health and generate a significant increase in practice income.

Featured in the DVD topics including, profitability, education, grading, client communication, knowing your audience, costing a treatment plus much more.

Presented by Dr. Gary Turnbull of East Port Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Karen Koks of Zillmere Veterinary Hospital you will find this DVD to be both informative and helpful to your practice.

Please contact iM3 for your copy of Gold Mine.

For further information please contact 1M3 via email at or

phone 02 9420 5766.

“We have increased our dentals significantly. I managed to book 5 dentals in one day, setting a precedent for my staff”

Dr. Jeannet KesselsSpringfield District Vet.







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