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long-bone digital imaging
When it comes to the imaging of large animals, there’s no other more practical solution than the Longtail.

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Over the past 3 years, ATX Veterinary Solutions has been extensively researching and developing a ground-breaking Digital receptor panel to allow for the easy, safe and accurate imaging of large and small animals alike. 

The ultimate in long-bone digital imaging technology is here; Longtail, the world’s first monolithic full-spine flat-panel DR detector. It requires no long scan wait, no image stitching, produces no image gaps, and contains no plate overlap. It is the first of its kind to produce long-bone studies instantaneously with the highest geometric accuracy.

When it comes to the imaging of large animals, there is no other more practical solution than the Longtail. The Longtail’s 107cm active imaging area allows for the rapid acquisition of images of entire small animals and typically spines and leg regions of large ones with one exposure. This is particularly critical when animals are un-anaesthetised and human restraint is necessary. Large animal images can be acquired in a single exposure, not only reducing animal discomfort and human exposure in certain cases, but also improving workflow and efficiencies for all other operations. 

Weighing only 11kg (23lbs) and equipped with wireless capability, the Longtail is compact, lightweight, and mobile. It can be easily shifted from a wall mount to a cart, attached to a gurney, or used under-table where other long-length detectors cannot fit. The Longtail’s extreme portability also allows for it to be packed and stowed for easy field use such as on-site, veterinary call-outs, and in other mobile and research applications. 

The supporting Longtail Application high performance software is specifically tailored for digital panels. It produces high – resolution images through the most advanced processing algorithms and adaptive filtering, providing enhanced image contrast and sharpness that require little to no post-processing. 

Experience peace of mind with a five-year service plan (with the option to renew) that includes ongoing 24/7 advanced remote technical support, plate replacement guarantees, recalibrations, and software updates included in your Longtail investment.

The future of veterinary X-ray imaging will eventually feature an active digital X-ray receptor tabletop – eliminating the need for a floating top table, and can be added into a lift table, easing animal handling and vastly improving efficiency.

If you would like to take full advantage of this opportunity, enquire today and reference “Vet magazine” to receive a once off price. sales@longtaildr.com  | www.longtaildr.com | www.atxvet.com.au | 1800 330 118 Unit 4/16 Murphy Street, O’Connor, 6163, WA

ABOUT ATX Veterinary Solutions 

ATX Veterinary Solutions is a specialist manufacturer & supplier of market leading radiographic imaging equipment and consumables. We distribute to the Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian market.

Proudly established in Western Australia in 1987. ATX boasts rich history in supporting the radiographic market, ensuring the highest standards of service, innovative products and thorough technical support.   

With company representatives across Australia, ATX endeavours to provide service in line with our core company values; Respect, Integrity, Persistence, Passion, Accountability & Innovation. 

ATX continually researches the Australian Veterinary market to ensure we are providing equipment & software in line with market trends. Our current line of Imaging equipment caters for animals of all shapes & sizes, and includes: Ultrasound, Portable & flatbed imaging systems, Dental imaging equipment and a variety of digital receptor panels.

Customers can access ATX products and receive customer service through our website, by calling our toll-free phone number, or via fax and email. 

Call us today for your free imaging consultation, allow us to evaluate your current X-ray system & provide feedback in regards to workflow, image quality, safety & protection at NO COST.

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