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disc golf

Disc golf is a lot of fun but Dr Kristian Danorwayan of Highton Veterinary Clinic in Victoria also likes to play competitively.

“Disc golf is played like regular golf but instead of using clubs and balls, you use frisbees. The objective is to throw a frisbee into a goal post, which is a basket with metal chains hanging around the top. The basket sits on top of a pole about one metre off the ground. If the frisbee hits the chains it will often—but not always—drop into the basket.

“I started playing about four years ago when a friend introduced me to the game. I was living in Melbourne at that time and there was a disc golf course at Barwon Valley Park.

“Distance throws are always a bit of a challenge. Some parks lay out the course so woods and trees are between the tee-off and the basket. The player can’t simply throw and go—there has to be a controlled element to the flight path of the disc.

“Like regular golf, a hole-in-one is coveted. Some players score one in their first year while others can play for decades without even getting close. I haven’t managed one yet but I’m sure it’s coming.

“One advantage that disc golf has over regular golf is that you don’t need a huge, weighty bag of clubs. While a round can be played with just one disc, most players carry a few in a bag. There are different discs for obtaining different distances. Serious players will often carry multiple discs of the same design because they wear down in different ways and fly in their own particular manner.

“Throwing the disc is technique-sensitive. It’s very counterproductive to throw it as hard as you can every time. Experienced players throw with a casual manner but their discs fly farther and are more controlled than anything I can do. You certainly spend a lot of time practising.

“You can play for fun or get very competitive. I play with one friend who takes it very seriously and we are constantly trying to outdo each other. 

“While I’m relatively new to disc golf, I really like the sport. On a nice day, it’s great to be out in the park and enjoying the weather. When you’re playing well and consistently hitting the basket, it’s very satisfying. I love it when you make a great balanced throw and the disc glides to exactly the right spot.

“On top of this, it’s a pretty cheap sport. Twenty bucks will get you a decent disc and you’re good to go.”


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