IVVet Multi-Function infusion pump


4.-Pages-from-IVVet-Brochour-screen_PPWe purchased one of these infusion pumps about 18 months ago and we were so happy with it, we purchased a second unit soon after. Both pumps are used multiple times a day for a variety of clinical applications.

What’s good about it

It delivers a set amount of fluid over a set amount of time and is fully programmable. The touch-screen control is very easy and intuitive to use. Our nurses love it for its ease of use.

The unit is very small and portable so can be easily moved from room to room if needed. It can be used with whole blood or blood products and we often use it for blood transfusions. The product info claims that there is less than one per cent deviation in the linear flow over 24 hours. It also has an air bubble detector.

The bolus function is great. We can quickly administer a bolus volume of fluid then the pump resumes to the preset infusion rate.

 What’s not so good

Although the touch-screen is easy to use, it does ask you to confirm your entries repeatedly which can get a little annoying if you’re in a hurry. We have had some trouble with the battery life, and you have to make sure it’s well charged before leaving it to run overnight. Alternatively, it can be plugged into the charger.

Where did you get it

Provet [provet.com.au].

By Dr Scott Shrive, Hamilton Vetcare, VIC.


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