Is osteoarthritis wearing down your treatment acceptance?

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Treatment for many chronic diseases including osteoarthritis creates a special journey for the pet and your clients that requires them to make repeated decisions based on personal or family considerations over long periods of time. These may be budgetary, welfare based or even convenience. 

Every point of treatment and care, be it from the initial consultation and diagnostic process through to ongoing scripted medications presents a client choice. Which pathway do they take? Do they accept recommendations in full, partially, or do they need to discuss it with their partner? What about next month when that bottle of NSAID needs refilling?

How many of your clients are accepting your best for pet “Plan A” of diagnosis and treatment for osteoarthritis and remaining on that pathway for the life of the pet? Of those that don’t, what proportion are making these conscious or subconscious decisions based on ongoing cost? 

Osteoarthritis especially of degenerative origins is a multifactorial condition that has no one solution and is broadly considered a terminal illness. The way in which the pet receives the most appropriate care for its condition can be challenging over the months and years. Thankfully there are lots of great treatment options including medications, supplements and surgical interventions that have allowed an ever-improved prognosis for patient outcome year on year.

Whether it be for ongoing medication, supplements or even carts and prosthetics, Trupanion will be there for eligible claims 24/7 for our members to support them and their vet through what is best for their pet.

The problem Trupanion is trying to solve is simple. They are helping pet owners’ budget for veterinary expenses when their pet is sick or hurt. Often there is a focus on emergencies and accidents putting pressure on family budgets, however the ability to treat chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis (diabetes, Cushing’s disease, atopy) for the best possible long-term outcome is a significant one and arguably under recognised.

Trupanion’s one simple plan allows for members to select an excess that suits their budget and does not reset each year (the excess is a lifetime per condition excess that a member can select between $0 to $1000). This is of importance for chronic disease such as osteoarthritis that has a trail of diagnostic or medication cost over months and years.

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