Introducing NexGard® Chewables for Dogs

NexGard_PPA convenient monthly flea and tick protection for dogs.

Merial, a world-leading animal health company, this month announced the launch of NexGard Chewables for Dogs – the first, monthly beef-flavoured chew that kills fleas and ticks for an entire month – including the deadly paralysis tick. Merial identified a need for an effective and easy-to-administer product following recent research into flea and tick control behaviour amongst pet owners in Australia.

The research found only 48 per cent of dog owners treat their pets correctly against fleas and, more worryingly, 82 per cent of dog owners who live in paralysis tick zones are not treating correctly to protect their dogs from the deadly paralysis tick1.

On launching the product today, Andrew Palmer, Merial Country Manager Australia said, “NexGard is the next-generation of flea and tick protection in a simple, monthly tasty chew. “With NexGard, dog owners will now have a convenient product that is easy to give, just like a monthly treat – without the need for tricks or coaxing.” “With so many flea and tick control options, it’s easy for dog owners to get lost in the search for what’s best for their dog, NexGard provides dog owners and veterinarians with a simple solution – one NexGard chew, once a month to protect their dog from fleas and ticks for a full month2,” continued Andrew.

Village Vets, Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll welcome the next generation chew, “It’s a game changer. Whether it’s a flea infestation or a life threatening paralysis tick, we find that in our clinic, many cases could be prevented if the dog had been receiving treatment correctly,” said Anthony. James adds, “Most dog owners understand the importance of protecting their dog from parasites. Some prefer an oral treatment to help protect their dogs from both fleas and ticks but until now, have had to settle for oral products that control only fleas. “Now with NexGard and its easy to administer monthly dosage, we expect to see an increase in compliance among owners,” concluded James.

Ref: 1 IPSOS Brand Tracking Data Feb 2014 2 NexGard should be used in conjunction with daily searching and removal of ticks

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