Introducing Moxiclear

parasitic diseases in pets

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Norbrook Laboratories, as we celebrate our 50th year, are excited to introduce Moxiclear™ into the companion animal parasiticide market. A spot on formulation containing the trusted and effective active ingredients, imidacloprid and moxidectin. Moxiclear™ is for the treatment and prevention of important parasitic diseases in dogs, cats and ferrets. 

parasitic diseases in pets

Imidacloprid delivers a fast speed of kill on fleas across the month and also provides environmental treatment of larvae where the pet rests. Moxidectin is absorbed into the blood stream, working internally for the treatment and protection from intestinal worms, heartworm and mites*. Together, the combination provides prevention and protection across a broad range of parasites.

A clear choice

Moxiclear™ highlights our innovative clear pipettes for improved pet owner compliance, allowing owners to see that the contents of the pipette have been applied fully onto their pet. These are delivered in individually sealed, childproof sachets for safety and convenience.

Client awareness short videos provide a simple method to educate on the administration of topical products and the lifecycle of heartworm and fleas. To be shared on social media, these remind pet owners on the importance of proper use of regular parasite prevention. Within clinics, we continue our Go Well series to provide vets and nurses take home information for their clients. The flea information leaflet provides simple communication on the important points to control both fleas on a pet and the environmental problems. 

Visiting your clinic soon

Moxiclear™ delivers affordable parasite protection to pet owners. Our Territory Managers are excited to share our recent market research including Moxiclear’s™ attractiveness, with 87% of the pioneer brand users finding Moxiclear™ appealing. Our focus remains on delivering feature-added products with innovative support enhancing the health of companion animals.

So don’t miss out on the opening offer, contact your Norbrook Territory Manager today so that your clients’ pets can get the all clear with Moxiclear™! V

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*Ear and Sarcoptes mites in dogs. Ear mites in cats.

parasitic diseases in pets

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