Introducing Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Derm Defense™ with Histaguard™ complex


Formulated to reduce signs of environmental allergies in dogs by helping to disrupt the allergic response and aid skin healing

derm-defense-1Environmental allergens pose an invisible but constant nuisance to many dogs. Pollens, moulds and house dust mites can be found almost anywhere, and in any season.

It is estimated that more than 50 per cent of canine allergies are caused by environmental allergens and fleas, which cause itchy skin and constant scratching.  Scratching damages the skin, allowing allergens to penetrate, potentially leading to infections, and creating a vicious cycle.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Derm Defense Canine with HistaGuard complex is formulated to reduce signs of environmental allergies in dogs by helping to disrupt the internal allergic response and create a barrier against future episodes. HistaGuard complex, a proprietary blend of antioxidants, egg and phytonutrients helps to disrupt the immune response to allergens. Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants such as vitamin E in Derm Defense help reduce inflammation, support skin rejuvenation and aid healing, while omega 6 fatty acids help restore the skin barrier.

“Derm Defense is uniquely formulated to help block environmental allergens, ideally before they trigger a reaction,” said Dr Maureen Revington, Professional Veterinary Affairs Manager at Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia. “The Histaguard Complex helps decrease the release of histamine and inflammatory cytokines that cause itching. The ability to help interrupt this reaction using nutrition is revolutionary, but that is only one component of Derm Defense.”

Restoring a healthy skin barrier is key to disrupting the vicious cycle of skin damage that is characteristic of allergic reactions.

“Derm Defense drives healthy skin from within,” said Dr Revington. “We’ve seen remarkable transformations in pets that had been suffering from environmental allergies.”

Derm Defense provides veterinarians with another tool, along with oral antibiotics, steroids, topical medications and shampoos, to help dogs that suffer from allergic skin disease. With the addition of Derm Defense, the Hill’s Prescription Diet portfolio includes nutrition to help address almost any dermatologic condition or dietary sensitivity.

“Now, no matter the cause, you can use nutrition as part of multi-modal therapy to help manage your derm cases,” said Dr Revington.

Just as you’re dedicated to improving the lives of the pets trusted to your care, we at Hill’s are dedicated to developing innovative nutritional solutions to help you help your patients live longer, healthier lives.


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