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One of the big challenges of owning and operating a veterinary practice is the issue of payment. Complex procedures are expensive—and when a pet gets sick, the last thing the owner wants to be worrying about is whether they can afford treatment. 

Innovating the pet insurance claims experience, the GapOnly™ service reviews and calculates the client’s claim whilst they’re in the practice, so they only pay the gap (the difference between the vet’s invoice and the pet insurance claim benefit under the client’s policy). It means a better experience for vets and clients alike with no paperwork, on-the-spot processing, and less out-of-pocket expense.

The integration setup is also easy for vets already using PetSure’s eClaims because it uses the same technology. 

How GapOnly™ helps your Practice. 

Happy clients: A seamless claims process gives clients a better experience, helping to create loyalty and retention for the practice. It’s also the on-the-spot claiming and settlement service vet clinics have been waiting for.  

Focus on treatment: With clients only paying the gap, treatment becomes more affordable, so vets can focus on providing the necessary diagnostics and treatment for their patients. 

Less paperwork: It’s simple and automated with reduced paperwork, meaning more time for everything else.

Merchant fee savings: With lower invoice amounts, practices can save on bank merchant fees and save time as clients reduce their reliance on credit providers for payment.

How it works

The GapOnlyTM service can be integrated with RxWorks, ezyVet, and OPENVPMS Vet Practice Management Systems. If a vet practice already has PetSure’s eClaims service, it’s easy to upgrade to GapOnlyTM.

From a process perspective

1. The vet practice submits the pet insurance claim on the client’s behalf through the VPMS, where it’s sent to the pet insurer to review.

2. Once assessed within 10 minutes of submitting the claim, the insurance benefit amount is presented in the VPMS, and the gap payment is automatically calculated. 

3. By taking payment of the gap from the client, the pet insurer processes the insurance payment amount to the vet (taking between 24 and 48 hours). 

From a client perspective

1. Once submitted and reviewed, the client’s pet insurance claim can be settled in approximately 10 minutes whilst still at the practice, with no paperwork. 

2. Once the claim has been successfully processed, the client receives a Benefit Summary email, providing their coverage breakdown, the confirmed gap payment, and the insurance payment amount that was directly paid between their pet insurer and vet. They can also view their claim in their Customer Service Portal. 

What one practice had to say

“GapOnlyTM has been a complete game changer, and it has been a relatively easy step up from eClaims to implement. 

“It is taking our customer service offering to another level and really helps clients to see the immediate value in their pet insurance. And these insured clients are some of the most valuable clients to our business and so it has been really good to be able to look after them extra well. 

“Whilst pet insurance in general reduces financial barriers to proceeding with costly tests or procedures, GapOnlyTM has taken this a step further and reduces the client’s financial concerns even more by eliminating the need to pay a lump sum up front. 

“By being the first clinic in Australia to offer GapOnlyTM claims we have used this as a point of difference to really highlight how customer service is a genuine priority for us. Clients love the fact that whether using eClaims or GapOnlyTM, we just take the whole responsibility for dealing with the claim off their hands. They cannot believe how simple it is.”—Gold Coast Veterinary Surgery.

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