Interview with Gavin Biggs, Therian CEO: A Fresh Approach

Therian Gavin Biggs

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The increased demand for veterinary services during the pandemic and a national vet shortage saw clinics and veterinary staff stretched to breaking point. The past 18 months has seen a lot of focus, through necessity, on the Covid pandemic and it’s accompanying restrictions and workplace guidelines. Experience has shown Gavin, that turbulence in the workplace can be calmed with a fresh approach—a new perspective.

Change is a constant in business, but when you are working in stressful conditions, it is hard to see a path forward  or to have the time or energy to address it. This is where the team at Therian, with their wealth of experience, can help.

How do you cope with an increase in demand whilst maintaining a positive workplace and client satisfaction? “The answer,” according to Gavin, “is to provide an environment and equipment that enhances the way people work rather than hinder it”. With a typical day in a veterinary clinic looking different for everyone, it is important to assess the workflow of your clinic.  Through a consultative process we will provide solutions to improve the efficiency and safety of your practice.

“Therian was used by my company for a complete renovation of Springfield District Vets.  It was transformed from an inefficient rabbit warren to an open, smooth flowing and highly functional workplace which the staff greatly enjoy.”

Dr Jeannet Kessels BVSc Hons

Our hand-picked team all have specific skills, to ensure they will anticipate your needs and any pitfalls you may face.  Specialists in their respective fields, they understand your business and the animals in your care.

What sets us apart from other Architects and equipment suppliers is our passion for combining animal care and business goals. We will meet your organisational goals while meeting the specialised needs of your patients. A thoughtfully planned workplace, with equipment designed to enhance your workday ensures a positive work environment, and calm and contented clients.

“At Therian, all three of our departments, focus on improvements of workflow. We only put forward products or services that we know will enhance your workday and ultimately your business,” says Gavin.

There is a solution to every problem, sometimes you just need to change your focus—that is where the team at Therian can help you. Contact us at


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