Injectable trace minerals a solution to livestock heat stress

livestock heat stress

Animal health company Virbac Australia has recommended trace mineral supplementation as one effective solution to help combat heat stress in livestock over the coming months.

“High temperatures can affect everything from conception and fertility rates to immunity, meat quality and milk production, leading to significant economic impacts for producers,” Virbac Australia’s Technical Services veterinarian Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas said.

“In extreme cases, it can even lead to livestock mortality.”

Virbac Australia advises farmers and producers to act now and will be running free webinars on ways to minimise the impact of heat stress in livestock over summer.

“Adequate water is essential,” Dr Gonzalez-Rivas said. “It’s worth remembering that animals under heat stress lose much more water through respiration and perspiration, often requiring up to five times more water than usual.”

Having a good summer nutrition program that includes trace mineral supplementation is also key. Dr Gonzalez-Rivas recommends using a trace-mineral injection like Multimin injection to improve antioxidant activity.

“Antioxidants are an ideal heat stress abatement strategy, and Multimin adds important trace minerals like manganese, zinc, selenium and copper, to help boost antioxidants, reproductive performance and immune function.”


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