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A rural veterinary practice in South Australia can now get fast and accurate test results, thanks to the VetScan VS2, HM5 and VSpro analysers—and its patients are the big winners.

The small country town of Hynam in South Australia consists of about 200 individuals. It lies in the centre of lush farmland and is located about 300 kilometres from Adelaide.

It is here that Dr Claire Law and her practice manager husband, Jason, run and own Rural Veterinary Services. The practice consists of three clinics and covers an expansive area dealing mainly with large farm animals and some small animal work.

One of their biggest problems was how long it took them to get test results.

“We had to run blood 30 kilometres to the nearest large town,” recalls Dr Law. “Samples had to be sent by courier by four o’clock for there to be any chance of a next-day result. It was not uncommon to have a three-day turnaround for our blood tests. Often, if we had a sick animal in hospital, we had to start treatment before the blood results were returned. This was completely unacceptable.”

Dr Law solved their problem by purchasing a VetScan System from REM SYSTEMS. This state-of-the-art range of analysers provide biochemistry, electrolytes, haematology, coagulation and fibrinogen analysis that delivers precise and accurate results. And it’s fast—results can be at hand in as little as 12 minutes.

“Before purchase, we had a trial period of six weeks,” says Dr Law. “Within a couple of days, I was sold. The benefits were obvious, particularly with our large animal work. The VetScan was exactly what we needed.”

vetscanTheir new VetScan system was put to good use almost immediately when Dr Law received an urgent call from a local farm. Twenty cows were down and wouldn’t get up.

“Walking into a paddock with so many downer cows felt a bit like a battle zone,” recalls Dr Law. “I knew it was probably grass ticks but you’re never certain in those circumstances. It was reassuring to have the VetScan behind me so I could treat them correctly.”

The VetScan system has also changed the way Rural Veterinary Services performs their surgical work. In the past they would get the animal in a week before surgery, take blood samples and send them off for analysis. The animal would return days later after the results had been returned. The surgery would then be performed. Now they take their blood samples on the morning of the surgery.

“Our other problem was that there was no point monitoring animals in our hospital because the turnaround time was so slow,” says Dr Law. “Now we routinely monitor all our patients by repeating bloods and adjusting our treatments accordingly. I’m certain the VetScan was one of our best purchases.”

Another big advantage is that the maintenance of the unit is quick and simple. Dr Law’s nurses have to take on that responsibility, freeing her up to concentrate on vet work.

“We get some very sick horses around here,” says Dr Law. “The VetScan enables us to look at how their kidneys and guts are working biochemically, and if they have toxins in their system. If you are diagnosing on just clinical signs, sometimes you don’t pick up on things. The VetScan lets us know exactly what’s going on. The improvement to our practice thanks to the VetScan has just been phenomenal.”  

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