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iM3 is a family owned veterinary Dental Company established in Sydney Australia over 30+ years ago. In that time, iM3 has grown to become a leading veterinary dental company setting the standard in product innovation, industry firsts and continuing education.

In upcoming months, we have even more exciting news to share as we are finalising the most elaborate new education centre seen for the animal dental market for many years. 

iM3 continues to design, develop and manufacture the latest veterinary dental machines, instruments, X-rays and dental consumables. Our large involvement in CE throughout the world means the people responsible for the development of new products also know how to use them!.

Our product range includes both front and back of practice and are supported by many testimonials offered from your colleagues like this one from Anthony Caiafa.

“I have used many digital X-ray sensors in the past, but for the past five years, I have exclusively used the CR7 unit for all of my dental cases. It is still going strong, even after many years of service. I would highly recommend the CR7 for its image quality, the range of plate sizes and the ease of using the software, as well as iM3’s excellent service.”

Just a few of our many product offerings

iM3 continuing education


Digital dental X-Ray is critical for diagnosing underlying pathology hidden below the gum line. iM3 offers a range of superior high resolution digital scanners and dental radiology systems designed for veterinarians.


The NEW Dental Table that requires no plumbing, is ergonomically designed, height adjustable at the touch of a button, and can double as an extra consult table.


Synergy is an advanced biosynthetic bone graft comprised of calcium phosphates that occur naturally in real bone. It is a biphasic combination of ß-Tricalcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) and Hydroxyapatite (HA).


Oxyfresh is a tasteless and odourless Water Additive and Dental Gel that helps support pet dental health and fight periodontal disease. Now available in new sizes!

iM3 prides itself on providing the best possible after sales and customer technical support in the industry. Our dental only focus and the fact that iM3 manufacturers its own dental machines at our three locations means you are dealing with knowledgeable / experienced people who can offer you sound advice. You can have confidence knowing that leading dental specialist worldwide use and recommend iM3 products.

The iM3 name is your guarantee of quality veterinary specific dental products coupled with the very best after sales support and warranty in the industry. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Australian Veterinary Association of 100 years of support to our industry.

Contact us today and see how we can help your Practice to grow.

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