iM3 Pro 2000


IM3Before we purchased the iM3 Pro 2000 and iM3 42-12 Ultrasonic Scaler, we performed about two dentals a week. Now we are doing at least three dentals a day. This dental unit is user-friendly, makes the job much easier and quicker, and we just love using it.

What’s good about it

The quality of dental care we can provide is much higher due to the unit’s beautiful instrumentation. There is a much higher awareness of dental health these days and we certainly make it a focus during our wellness exams. Thanks to this unit, we are scheduling more dentals because we know it’s only going to take a defined period of time. I enjoy and look forward to doing dentals because the iM3 dental base has made them much faster, easier and the results are better.

Everything has been well thought out. The easy-clean Corian top lifts to provide a useful storage area for dental instruments. The magnetic strip on the front of the Corian top stops burs from dropping on the floor. The high-speed handpiece is illuminated to better visualise the teeth you are sectioning. The unit has a ‘silent hurricane’ compressor that lives up to its name and is not too intrusive when it kicks in. There’s a two-bottle coolant system for water or CLS; a chlorhexidine solution. We finish with a CLS flush after polishing teeth so the whole mouth has a lovely clean smell.

The iM3 42-12 Ultrasonic Scaler is far more efficient than our old ultrasonic scaler and integrates nicely with the Pro 2000

What’s not so good

We’re pretty happy with it and it’s hard to think of any negatives. It does need to be serviced once a year and is sent away to get that done. Mind you, iM3 gives us
a replacement unit while
it’s being serviced.

Where did you get it


by Dr Sasha Laws-King, Toowoomba Veterinary Hospital, QLD


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