Tools of the trade: iM3 Pro 2000


iM3 pro portable unitby Dr Jillian Lawrence, Wauchope Vets, NSW

I’ve always enjoyed dentistry and the iM3 makes the process really easy. It’s well designed, ergonomic and has everything you need conveniently located in one portable unit.

What’s good about it

Dentistry can be pretty frustrating if you don’t have the right equipment but the iM3 is so well designed, it’s a joy to use. The handpiece has an attached light that illuminates the working field nicely. It’s very high powered and fast when drilling teeth into segments. It also emits a constant spray of water to keep the drill cool, so it doesn’t damage the mouth or the teeth. Procedures can be completed faster, which means the animal is under anaesthetic for less time.

The unit comes with an ultrasonic scaler and a suction tool that quickly removes any blood or water floating around the back of the mouth. This really helps eliminate any problems when the animal is waking up. It also comes with a polishing tool run by a low-speed drill.

One smart piece of design is the magnetic strip on top of the machine. The drill bits are quite small and can be easily lost. The magnetic strip keeps them all together and in one place.

The whole unit is portable and can be easily moved. This has come in handy when treating tick paralysis cases. If an animal has fluid in the back of the throat from vomiting, the iM3 can be wheeled over and the suction tool used to clear out the back of the mouth.

What’s not so good

It can be a little troublesome getting the drill bits in and out of the handpiece. You have to use a small piece of equipment that applies just the right amount of pressure to pop the drill bits in and out. It would be nice if the whole process was a little simpler.

Where did you get it

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