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im3-CR-7WHEN MANY VETERINARIANS ARE moving away from CR systems for standard radiography, the opposite seems to be the case with dental radiography.

DR dental systems require unwieldy and relatively cumbersome digital sensors to be positioned in the mouth. This can make positioning challenging due to the large size of the sensor (usually size 2) and connection cable attached to a laptop. And if someone happened to drop and damage the sensor or an animal chomped through it, then the cost of replacement is very high.

The iM3 CR7 Vet on the other hand comes equipped with four thin, flexible size 2 digital image plates (IP) and one larger size 4. These small IP’s are positioned effortlessly into the mouth and make positioning far easier for the operator. (They have no wired attachments either). The image plates are reusable and will last many 1000’s of x-rays. They are available in a variety of sizes from 0 (2x3cm) to the new large size 5 (5.7×9.4cm) which is ideal for extremities. The flexibility of image plate sizes coupled with the ultra high resolution (25lp/mm) of the CR7 Vet results in vastly superior image quality with often less re-takes.

Image plates are processed through a small cube-shaped desktop processor which, at about 20cm in all dimensions, is comfortably one of the smallest and lightest available. Image processing takes about 12 seconds for a size 2 and less for smaller sizes.

The Vet-Exam Plus (veterinary) software is easy to navigate and all the usual post-production features are available as well as an easy to use patient report generator to give to pet owners.

10 network licenses are included with the CR7 allowing images to be displayed across your network (in consulting rooms) and images can be automatically backed up to a remote directory. iM3 offers superior customer service and free technical support for the life of the CR7 unit.

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