iM3 Dog and Cat Dental Care


healthymouthAt iM3 we are committed to providing veterinarians with the very best products.

We now have available healthymouth the easiest and most comprehensive solution for dog & cat owners to ensure the oral wellbeing of their pet, simply add healthmouth to the animals water.

Clinically proven with over seven Veterinary Oral Health Council Seals of acceptance, it has proven to reduce plaque on average 74.3% in dogs and 81.75% in cats. It helps keep teeth and gums clean after professional cleaning, reduces oral bacteria and fights bad breath at the source.

Completely safe for the pet with a non-toxic patented formula, free of synthetics, artificial ingredients and alcohol. Using 100% human grade ingredients, containing zero calories, fats, sugars & sodium.

Healthymouth is a veterinary exclusive product and not available in pet stores, it also comes with a 100% return policy if the animal won’t drink it.

For further information please contact 1M3 via email at or phone 02 9420 5766.




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