iM3 case study: Diagnosis of pulp necrosis with iM3 CR7 VET Digital X-ray


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pulp necrosis

This case study is courtesy of Dr Anthony Caiafa at Mobile Pet Dentistry


12 month old female Cavoodle.

pulp necrosis

Presenting issue:

Unilateral sneezing—left hand side, gingival inflammation, and gingival recession with apparent extrusion of tooth 204 and intrinsic discolouration of crown of tooth 204.

Possible causes:

Trauma due to a fight, motor car accident, blunt trauma or abrasion injury from bones or another hard object.


Pulp necrosis of tooth 204 with inflammatory apical root resorption and oronasal fistula, confirmed with intra-oral X-rays.

pulp necrosis


Due to the extent of the root resorption, root canal therapy was a poor option with low chance of success. Extraction with removal of all tooth structure, curettage of the alveolus and repair of the oronasal fistula with a buccal mucoperiosteal advancement flap was necessary.

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