Ilium Gold Class range – the new kings of pain relief


Ilium Gold Class range of pain relief

The new Ilium Gold Class range for pain relief.

Medetomidine Inj 10ml

Action: For use as a sedative & analgesic in the restraint of dogs & cats

Atipamezole Inj 10ml

Action: Reverses and abolishes the effects of Medetomidine hydrochloride in dogs and cats

Butorgesic Inj 10ml & 50ml

Action: Analgesic and sedative for use in horses, dogs and cats

Diazepam Inj 20ml

Action:Anticonvulsant in foals, as a pre-anaesthetic to Xylazine / Ketamine anaesthesia in horses. A pre-anaesthetic and anticonvulsant in dogs


Action: For analgesia and restraint in horses, and analgesia and anaesthetic premedication in dogs


Action: For peri-operative and post-operative analgesia in cats

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