IDEXX SDMA a new diagnostic test


IDEXX SDMAAnnouncing IDEXX SDMA, a new diagnostic test for veterinarians available 1st December 2015

IDEXX continues to build upon its highly innovative test menu, expanding veterinarians’ medical capability and supporting long-term growth of the veterinary profession with the announcement of a new renal biomarker capable of identifying kidney disease months and even years earlier than traditional methods.

IDEXX SDMA is a kidney biomarker test that has been shown in controlled studies in dogs and cats to be a more sensitive indicator of renal function than creatinine and has recently been added to the International Renal Interest Society

(IRIS) Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Staging Guidelines.

Results to date from tests submitted to IDEXX Reference Laboratories have shown that IDEXX SDMA has helped veterinarians detect early-stage kidney disease in double the number of cats and dogs than traditional methods alone.

Dr Carl Eden, Marketing Manager stated, “IDEXX is thrilled to have developed technology that enables us to add SDMA to IDEXX Feline and Canine core chemistry panels at no extra cost. IDEXX SDMA enables the early and specific identification of renal insufficiency with no impact to turn around time. We truly believe IDEXX SDMA is a test that has the potential to raise the standard of care for dogs and cats as an integral part of routine health care.”

For more information please call Dr Carl Eden on 02 9898 7348 or visit our website.


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