How to make your website work for you

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how to make your website work for you

Here’s a hint–it’s not by buying Google ads. Here are five ideas that will get your digital marketing working the way it’s meant to.

A lot of online advice about veterinary marketing ideas is either vague or outdated. Over the last few years, social media, mobile internet access and software have all changed. But the marketing advice hasn’t.

The difference with this list of five marketing ideas is they are all concrete things you can do today. They are reasonably easy to execute, and result in a measureable result for your marketing goals.


The key factor in improving Google results is blogging regularly. Having a blog greatly increases the number of pages on your site. This in turn increases the chances of you being found in searches. Committing to a regular schedule of publishing original content gives people a reason to come back to your site.


Back in the good old days, to get lots of attention on Facebook, all you had to do was get someone to ‘like’ you. Facebook has changed its algorithm since then. Even if you are posting lots of things about your practice on your Facebook page, you are not reaching your full audience. The only way to reach a large number of people on Facebook now is to pay. So it’s a good idea to set aside about $30 a month to boost any posts you put up there. For what is a very small investment, you will get much more attention.


Over 90 per cent of the emails your practice sends out are being ignored. If you keep sending emails to these people, their email provider will start tagging your emails as spam, and just deliver them straight to spam filters or junk mail folders. 

By limiting your email list to people who have BOTH opted in AND clicked on previous emails, you’ll get much better click through rates. They’ll be easier to track and judge what’s working and what isn’t. And you give future emails a much better chance of getting to where they’re meant to go.


If you’re really good at marketing, you may use personas to organise and understand your customer base. But a step beyond that is to crossmatch your personas with pets. You already have patient data that will help you do that. That will paint you a picture of exactly who your best customers look like, what motivates them to use your services, and which services you offer that will draw similar people in.


The Holy Grail of modern marketing is to have a piece of content about you, or by you, go viral. And like all similar dreams, for 99.99 per cent of us, it’s never going to happen. What does work is ‘diffused broadcasting’. This is where you publish a blog post, for example, to one defined group of people, and every one of those people shares your post once.

To get the best reach for any post, then, you need the largest possible initial group who can be guaranteed to share it. You have that group. It is called your staff. 

Some folk may be uncomfortable with this at first. But looking after animals is a large part of your staff’s lives. Why wouldn’t they want to share? Just ask them to.  

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