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ultrasound systems

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At BCF Ultrasound you can purchase premium ultrasound systems with exceptional image quality AND back it up with one-on-one training to maximise your investment.  

Our experienced team understand that the most expensive system is the one that never gets used and ongoing education is a critical compliment to any ultrasound purchase. Knowing how to optimise the image on your specific machine and interpret what you see not only improves clinical confidence and patient outcomes, but it can also be the difference between a return on your investment and an expensive paperweight. Increasing competence through targeted training leads to improved clinical confidence, better patient outcomes, increased job satisfaction and ultimately a better bottom line for your practice.   

We have an extensive range of quality systems suitable for beginner sonographers through to specialist radiologists with exceptional image quality for advanced small animal investigations. Our sales team can tailor a package specific to your clinic needs and our inhouse vets provide personalised one-on-one training in your clinic to show you how to get the most out of your selected ultrasound system. We have been specialising in veterinary ultrasound solutions and service across Australia and New Zealand for over 25years and our vets have post graduate qualifications and clinical experience in veterinary diagnostic imaging. 

We also love to be at the forefront of advancing technology and COVID lock downs haven’t stopped us from reaching our client base. We prefer to meet you face to face but in response to restrictions on travel we developed the BCF Imaging Gateway Kit to facilitate one on one virtual training anywhere in Australia or New Zealand*. 

ultrasound systems

We are passionate about ultrasound and showing you how to see more and do more! 

But don’t just take our word for it…

I recently, almost reluctantly, upgraded my M7 ultrasound to an M9. The M7 was my first machine and I was very happy with its performance and comfortable with using it. Having taken delivery of my M9 last week though, I could not be more delighted. I am completely blown away by the quality of the images—adrenals that previously took time and patience to find are emerging crisp and clear! The machine is user friendly and has really re-invigorated my love of ultrasound. I was also extremely impressed with the service and training offered by BCF Ultrasound. The virtual training provided by Dr Lisa meant that I could start using the new model with confidence from day one. Lisa is knowledgeable and patient and offered clear and precise instructions and explanations. I am confident that my skills will grow with the M9 and that I will now be able to offer more detailed examinations and diagnostics to my colleagues and patients.”  Dr Geraldine Tredrea, Worongary Vets, QLD.

To discuss how our team can tailor packages to your practice needs, contact us at:

*Conditions apply.


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