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Moxiclear® Affordable Parasite Protection

Moxiclear® contains the trusted combination of imidacloprid and moxidectin and will fit into your practice as an affordable broad spectrum option for you to offer your clients where the cost of year-round parasite prevention inhibits their compliance.

Moxiclear® is a spot-on formulation that treats and controls fleas, intestinal round worms, ear mites and in dogs sarcoptic mange while also preventing heartworm disease. It is registered for use in kittens from 9 weeks of age, puppies from 7 weeks of age and also in ferrets.

Videos customised with your clinic’s logo and details!


Remove the worry of creating your own client information content. To support your practice getting the important message of regular parasite prevention to your clients, Moxiclear® comes with a range of veterinary-focused content for newsletters and social media ready for your practice to use. Our ‘Fleas & Your Pet’ content informs your clients on the flea lifecycle, preventing flea infestation in the house and where this has failed, managing a flea infestation. Our ‘Heartworm & Your Pet’ content highlights the seriousness of heartworm disease in pets and why compliance in preventing heartworm disease is so important. Both are available to mail out traditionally or electronically.

Moxiclear® Videos Available: 

Customise with your clinic logo and details!

Also available are 1-2 minute videos that provide an excellent alternative to getting these important messages on parasite prevention across. Our videos on preventing fleas and heartworm can be customised to come from you using your clinic logo and details, before use on social media and in e-newsletters. 

The steps are simple!

1. Provide your clinic logo and details.

2. We will customise the video content for you and send it back to you.

3. Post this on your social media pages or email it out to groups of clients.

4. This will improve clients’ understanding of flea and heartworm prevention.

An example video can be viewed at

Give your best friend the all clear

Moxiclear® contains the trusted combination of imidacloprid and moxidectin for cat, dogs and ferrets. This spot-on anti-parasitic with affordable pricing and best practice business support provides an alternative to improve compliance of parasite prevention in your clients – speak to your Norbrook® Territory Manager to see how Moxiclear® fits within your business!

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