Tools of the trade: Healthtec consulting table


Healthtec-Dec-06-035663-copy_ppby Dr Renee O’Duhring, The Natural Vets, Forest Glen, Qld

I purchased this large examination table from Healthtec and have been extremely happy with it. It is motorised so it can be raised and lowered, and the top is relatively non-slip compared to the average stainless-steel table.

What’s good about it?

The table is half hexagon-shaped with enough space for the animals to stretch right out. When performing a musculoskeletal exam or acupuncture treatment, the animal can lie down comfortably and feel secure without their legs hanging off the side. The shape of the table also gives me better access to the entire patient.

The table is motorised and can be lowered to about 10 centimetres off the ground. This is low enough for most animals to jump on, including puppies and arthritic dogs. Most pets are happy to climb on themselves and be raised to a comfortable working height. Not having to lift heavy animals and being able to modify the working height is great for my back.

I placed some marine carpet on top as I find it makes it easier for animals to jump on and off the table. The motor is very quiet when the table is being moved and that helps the animals remain calm.

I often sit on the table with the dog or cat when doing a consult and sometimes the client will also sit with us. The animals generally feel more comfortable in this situation and the table is strong enough to support the combined weight.

What’s not so good?

This is a really excellent product without a major negative. The only area where care needs to be taken is with cleaning. It’s important to keep the structure under the table clean and ensure no animal hair gets stuck in the mechanism.

Where did you get it?

Healthtec (


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