HDE 36V Evolution horse float

by Dr Samantha Swan, Trafalgar Veterinary Centre, VIC

This electric horse float has a rotating head that makes the job faster and easier. It is much more convenient to use than hand files and a very efficient way to file down molars.

What’s good about it

The reason I love this particular unit is because of how the battery is carried. The weight of the battery is usually supported by your shoulders but the Evolution is designed so the battery is strapped around your waist. This is much more comfortable.

The actual float piece is thin and lightweight which is great when working in a horse’s mouth. It’s very easy to manoeuvre around and reduces the time it takes to complete a dental. It used to take me a good half hour, now they take about five minutes.

When doing a dental on a horse with hand files, it’s easy to damage the cheek or gums. The spinning head of the Evolution is designed to be much less traumatic. I can stick my hand on it while it’s rotating and it doesn’t damage or abrade my skin. Despite this, it grinds down the teeth very quickly. Some of the older electric floats were quite noisy and tended to spook the horses. This unit is very quiet when running and horses tolerate it
very well.

What’s not so good

I haven’t found any negatives to it. I only do a horse dental every now and then but if you were doing large numbers in a single day, then there could be issues with the batteries. At some point you would have to charge them or swap them over. This unit comes with a car charger so it’s possible to charge the batteries when driving between appointments.

Where did you get it

The Edge Equine 

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