Harnessing technology to gain control of a practice

CUBEX system
Ensuring that the cost of every drug dispensed is captured, reported and invoiced accurately to the client

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We are at a turning point in the history of Veterinary Medicine regarding technology; everywhere you turn its impact can be seen and felt.  Pet owners are able to monitor their animals’ health using a myriad of new products: collars that measure physical activity or litter trays with the ability to analyse urine – enabling veterinary receptionists to assess priority more accurately. 3D printing enables veterinarians to practise new surgical methods before attending the live patient, whilst AR is being used to help train Veterinary students in a similar manner.  Utilising technology helps to reduce the component of human error and provide surety of processes.  In the Veterinary industry, this is particularly important. 

The Veterinary Industry struggles with the balance of high running costs, and the ability to provide optimum patient care as well as promote the health and well-being of their staff. One way to balance the scales is to mobilise the power of technology available to you and improve processes through the installation of a CUBEX system. 

CUBEX system

The power of CUBEX is in the real-time data capture that enables you to make informed decisions.  You will be able to increase cash flow that is no longer tied up in inventory and inaccurate invoice reporting. A CUBEX system will allow you to maximise your practice health in three ways:  

  • Maximise Safety 
  • Maximise Efficiency 
  • Maximise Profitability 

CUBEX harnesses technology to improve human interaction, provide additional layers of workplace safety and mandate the security of Schedule 8 controlled narcotics. It will remove time constraints on personnel, reign in spend on inventory and scale down inventory waste.  

Since getting the CUBEX cabinets in August 2010 my overall time with ordering has been cut in half. I am more confident that my quantities on hand are correct, and I love that it holds people accountable for what and how much they are taking… The reports are great too.

Elizabeth Huckin

With Inventory being the second largest expense in Veterinary Practice and up to a third of your Revenue, the loss of profit from Inventory impacts all corners of practice operations. Inventory is a business within your business and is an area where all practice members will be involved to improve the profitability of the business.

With CUBEX you have full visibility and control of your practice. A CUBEX system ensures that the cost of every drug dispensed is captured, reported and invoiced accurately to the respective client.  The paired inventory and practice management software will prevent any missed charges and/or mismanagement of drugs within your practice.  

The CUBEX system can deliver $25,000 in extra profit per veterinarian, per year.  

Our CUBEX specialist Nicholas Biggs, holds a degree in IT with a major in Business Analysis. He specialises in identifying and implementing the best solution for your business. The control of your future will be at your fingertips.  

To learn more about this technology, please phone 1800 251 766 or visit therian.com.au/cubex 


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