Tools of the trade: Goldensun loupes and headlight


Goldensun loupes and headlightby Dr Roger Absalom, Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding, Port Augusta, SA

The goldensun loupes that look like a pair of glasses with 2.5x magnification lenses attached. A single LED light, powered by a battery pack, is positioned right in the centre of the loupes.

What’s good about it

These loupes are a great help when dealing with delicate surgeries where you really need to see everything clearly. The light has a small control so you can adjust its brightness accordingly. When looking away from the surgery, you can glance over the magnifiers and converse with the nurses. It’s convenient having a detachable light as there are times when you don’t need it. When operating on the eye of an animal, the headlight is an invaluable addition.

What’s not so good

When the light is attached to the loupes, the cord hangs down behind my ear to the battery pack clipped to my belt. It’s a bit annoying having that cord hanging down beside my head. The loupes work best when your hands are about 60cm away from your body. I prefer to work a bit closer, so it takes a little time to get used to it.

Where did you get it

I purchased the goldensun loupes off eBay but all the major veterinary suppliers, such as Provet, carry loupes.


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