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The Most Amazing Tool Ever.

GoDR® is an X-ray image processing and acquisition software developed by SmartCareworks Inc. It is compatible with a wide range of industry leading X-ray detectors and generators.

One Platform

Aimed to be simple to use for veterinarians but a consistent platform for all your x-ray needs, equine, small animal and dental, all in the one platform.

Multiple Devices

Being able to connect to multitude of new and existing Digital Radiography Flat Panel Detectors and Dental CR’s (PSP) scanners and sensors, it offers a common platform leading to better results, less staff training and a way to integrate different vendors into one space.

Intuitive user experience

Advanced features and time saving automation are only useful if they are implemented in a way that makes them intuitive and easy for the end user to navigate and use efficiently. We understand that user experience is key when it comes to building software, so we designed GoDR’s advanced functionality to be easy to master, even for those who have been using other software for years.

Dedicated Case

The GoDR Equine solution comes complete in a portable, compact, and easy to carry case. The GoDR Equine Case will provide the user with just about everything they may need to perform out in the field, including but not limited to:

  • 15” 4k Laptop
  • High Quality DR Panel
  • A spare DR battery
  • DR Battery Charger
  • Podoblock DR-Cowboybox polycarbonate box to help protect your DR Panel

Cloud Service

Combined with our ARO PACS Cloud, we can provide users with the security and peace of mind knowing that their equine images will be instantly backed up to the cloud for safe keeping. These images can then be viewed on any workstation at any time.

  • GoDR software runs on Windows 10 or later.
  • It can be used regardless of upgrading or replacing existing equipment.
  • No additional accessories are required.
  • Complies with DICOM 3.0 standards.

To see more or for a demonstration, contact ARO Systems: 1300 596 664



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