Giveaway of cleaning and hand sanitiser to help fight virus

hand sanitiser

Sydney-based company Troy Animal Healthcare has announced it is manufacturing and providing hand sanitiser and high-grade surface cleaner free of charge to help overcome critical supply issues for the highly sought-after products. 

The company is using laboratories and high-tech equipment at its Glendenning factory in western Sydney to respond to community demand due to COVID-19 and is sending out free sanitiser and cleaning product to veterinary clinics, wholesaler and animal health pharmaceutical companies as well as businesses and schools in the local community. 

The aim is to take the pressure off established healthcare supply chains so these essential products are readily available in frontline hospitals and medical centres. 

“Troy Animal Healthcare already produces high-grade surface cleaner to use onsite,” Troy Animal Healthcare CEO Nicolas Shortis said. 

“Hand sanitiser requires the addition of a couple of extra ingredients we had readily available so we began to ramp up production.

“After delivering directly to help out vet clinics, our staff came up with the idea to also give away these products to local schools and businesses which we have been doing for several weeks. We have subsequently increased production and opened supply channels with wholesalers and directly to vets.”


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