Tools of the trade: Genoray Port-X II EZX-60


genorayby Dr Colin Dick, Pascoe Vale Vet Hospital, VIC

Every dental we perform includes a full-mouth X-ray of the animal and this unit provides great quality images very quickly. The Genoray portable dental X-ray unit is small and manoeuvrable—only about four times the size of a digital camera.

What’s good about it

It’s a hand-held unit that’s fast and easy to use. There’s very little guesswork required to produce a good image—you just need an idea of what the exposure might be, adjust the time and take the X-ray. There’s not a big variation between a dog and a cat, and a nice clear image is guaranteed. It can also take accurate non-dental X-rays. I’ve used it on the feet of dogs and cats, and it provides a better quality, more detailed image than we would get with a standard X-ray machine. If I’m treating arthritis in a cat, say in the spine or elbow, I can get an extremely detailed image with this unit. The X-ray generator has a protruding aluminium tube that can be removed to create a wider X-ray field of view. However, I find it works better to keep the tube attached and rest it against the pet’s body to eliminate movement blur. I can’t fault this unit. It’s fast, simple to use and creates detailed high-quality X-rays.

What’s not so good

In general, I find the software for dental X-rays in the vet market to be less than perfect. The software should produce consistently excellent images and be user-friendly but that just doesn’t seem to be available. This isn’t a negative about this particular unit—just a general software observation.

Where did you get it



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