First Aid for Pets


FirstAidApp_SmartPhoneMobile first aid: In an emergency situation, would your clients know what to do?

Effective first aid on their way to your clinic could save their pet’s life. First Aid for Pets Australia contains over 130 helpful and potentially life-saving articles for quick reference, in the event of an emergency or potential health risk to pets. It was written and reviewed by Australian vets to provide both accuracy and relevance and is designed to help clients, while at the same time encouraging them to seek veterinary attention.

This app also links with local vet clinics* to provide fast access to contact information in the event of an emergency. Should your clinic not have an after-hours service, another helpful feature is that it also lists all veterinary emergency centres in Australia. (The criteria for the emergency list is that they must be open until at least midnight each day including weekends and public holidays—most of those listed are open right through the night).

No one knows when an emergency will happen, however by encouraging your clients to download First Aid for Pets Australia, you can help them be prepared.


* Please note, only participating Vetplus member clinics are listed as contacts. If your clinic is not currently listed, clients will be encouraged to also add your details to the phone’s contact list. To enquire further about Vetplus membership we would encourage you to visit the Boehringer Ingelheim stand at the ASAVA or contact your local representative.


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