Finding a pet-friendly home isn’t easy, survey finds


pets in rentals

A new nationwide survey conducted by Australia’s leading pet nutrition business, Mars Petcare Australia, has revealed that more than 4.3 million Australians struggle to find a suitable place to live with their pets.

This has significant consequences on the health of the nation given that many of the respondents also said their animals made them happier and healthier.

Australian veterinarian, television personality and author, Dr Chris Brown, is a firm advocate for changing the stigma around pets in rentals and strata.

“Australia is a nation of animal lovers, but our pets deserve a place in our homes as well as our hearts,” Dr Brown said.

“We need a culture change in the way that landlords and strata corporations see our pets—not to ban them by default, but to look at the family and the pet’s individual personality. “Pets have such an incredible impact on people’s lives—we can’t lock the renting generation out of the benefits of pet ownership.”

The survey also found that more than three million Australians are not able to keep pets on their properties, and nearly half of all Australians do not know how to apply to their landlord or strata committee to keep a pet. In addition, 54 per cent of apartment dwellers don’t understand Australia’s pet regulations and laws or where to find useful information to educate themselves on this topic.

“What I’m saying to renters and owners is to have a go,” Dr Brown said.

“The best way Australians can get their pets approved is to arm themselves with the knowledge and the ready-made forms on the [Mars Petcare] Pet Positives Hub, which will help build a case to take to a landlord and end the cycle of hiding Fido at the neighbour’s each time an inspection comes around.”


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